Skincare: Spot Treatments

Thursday, June 4, 2020

There are a wide range of spot treatment gels and serums that all claim to get rid of spots and the marks left behind, but do they actually work? Heres a few ones I have in my skincare collection and if they do anything.

The first 2 are from Superdrug's Tea Tree range, they are the Tea Tree Blended Oil and the Overnight Jelly. The oil has 1% pure tea tree essential oil for use on imperfections and blemishes, and claims to give you healthy clear looking skin. I find this helps to get get rid of the redness and with some spots helps reduce the size of them. The Overnight Jelly has tea tree, peppermint oil, witch hazel and aloe vera in. You put the jelly on overnight and it sinks into your skin leaving it feeling nice and cool. I think this does really help to clear up my skin quicker and get rid of any redness.

The next product I use is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. This helps to dry out the area of the blemish and balance the oils in the skin. I really like this as it helps to reduce the size of the blemish over night. I use this quite a lot when my skin gets bad and put it on as the last step in my skincare routine in the evening. 

The last product is the Freederm Fast Track gel. Again this helps to reduce the size and get rid of the spot quicker. What I like about this is that the gel is clear so you can use it throughout the day when you notice a sport start to appear.

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment on what your favourite spot treatment is!

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