A Cute Little Photoshoot

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Wellcome back to my blog! Today I have a slightly different post as I did a small photoshoot in my garden with my sister based off of a video I saw on pinterest. I will leave a link to it here! 

In the video the person attaches flowers around the edge of the camera lens so they can be seen in the foreground of the image.  I had to change how this was done slightly as I found the lenses I have did not work in the same way.  The lens needed to have a wider angle to be able to see the flowers. I decided to hold the flowers in front of the camera instead to give a similar effect.   

When editing them I used lightroom and did quite simple edits on them by changing things such as the brightness, and highlights in the image. (This is something I would like to improve over time). Then I changed the warmth of the photo very slightly to make the colours in the flowers stand out more. 

Overall I am happy with how they turned out and hope you like them as well.  


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